ARASTA textile company founded in 2005, and  has entered sector  . We started to our journey by supplying multi-kind of yarns to overseas chain stores.

By logging in to the domestic market in 2007, Turkey's textile sector, the leading companies providing raw materials has become an important and successful suppliers.
In 2010, for the purpose of institutionalizing a more professional approach by opening its first branch in Merter, Istanbul has become a more corporate structure. Here, in consultation with the companies for new products made with the R & D activities and the different product groups were included.

Our company has continuously developed since its foundation, and made important contributions to Turkish economy, which is the foundation of the Turkish economy in the textile sector as supplier of high quality and innovative approach to taking on numerous manufacturing company has been a pioneer in its field.

ARASTA textile company care about the , customer satisfaction  by the proffessional employees, its philosophy of quality products, fast service with the company in the sector has become a sought-after. Enhanced elimination of the needs of brands, R & D activities, new products and the successful marketing and sales strategies of each year as a result of textile bazaar has become a growing company.

Understanding of the company in a completely different concept is an understanding of sector institutions. Both the infrastructure (visual and written means), but also in terms of quality of life, quality construction and service continues.

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